Homepage of Metasonica, New York, a classical crossover act of  Boris Berlin & Zenon Marko.

Metasonica creates subversive subliminal soundscapes for possible realities.

Stylistic conventions need not apply.

Stylistically, Metasonica seeks the synthesis between Western Classical music, other traditional music forms of the world, and modern styles, and aims to harmonize disparate genres, worldviews, and ideas.

Metasonica is a creative consortium by Boris Berlin and Zenon Marko, collaborating on the composition, arrangement, production, lyrics, videos and live performances. Their music spans the genres of classical crossover, neo-classical, downtempo, world and ambient to electronica. They collaborate with various vocalists and musicians in a wide range projects, ever expanding creative horizons.

Classica is a cinematic concept album on the theme of time, with two companion albums of ambient mix versions and uptempo/dance remixes. The album is a downtempo fusion of live instrumentation, electronic, orchestration, and spoken word. Classica features original compositions, and reinventions of timeless classical, baroque and romantic pieces by composers such as J.S. Bach, Tomaso Albinoni and Frédéric Chopin.

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Multimedia Collaborations
As a creative consortium, we’re inviting multi-media artists interested in compelling culture-coalescing co-creations to contact our creative consortium!mailto:info@metasonica.com?subject=Collaboration

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